Paper Bag Printing in UAE

Personalized paper bags print production in dubai to add style to your products which you sell and put some complements to your business and leavin better shopping feel and lasting marketing impression. customized Paper bags are also an opportunity to cement your brand identity which make a sustainable shopping experience in UAE market. You can opt for various paper bags rope handles, paper bags, die handle side handle bags cut pape, kraft handle and eco-friendly solutions too. It is important that the quality of your paper bags inspires confidence in your business and make ultimated shopping moods with customers. wide range of bag handle as: lace paper bags so they look stylish and elegant.

Printing, paper bags and ordered printed with your company logo and a message as bag. You can choose the color of your choice and choose from several effects that we offer. Your custom paper bags can be matte or glossy, and they can also be embossed. We offer printing of paper bags in many sizes and use different types of paper to create exactly. Good effect paper bags handle lace can be a cotton lace , satin, or lace ribbon handle

die Cutting, foiling and spot uv bag look trendy and creative an authentic and traditional advertising touch at low budget.

Printed Bag Specification

We use various printing technique on paper bag manufacturing based on bag material and its nature of pulp. for example we use silk screen prnting for paper bag, cotton bag and jute bag. same way we use sublimation printing on tote bag, canvas bag and non woven bag etc.. we do use offset print production for mass paper bag production only in matte, glossy, special texture and some white kraft paper board. we too use pantone number ink and cmyk process colours printing to match colours to your logo or brand identitiy as you have it

GeneralPaper Bag Sizes are:


Some of standar sizes you can choose from our list is

  • 160 x 230 x 75 mm
  • 160 x 220 x 75 mm
  • 160 x 200×75 mm
  • 160 x 180 x 75 mm
  • 75 x 280 x 75 mm
  • 80 x 230 x 85 mm
  • 100 x 120 x 100 mm
  • 100 x 140 x 95 mm
  • 100 x 150 x 100 mm
  • 100 x 160 x 95 mm
  • 100 x 200 x 100 mm
  • 160 x 160 x 75 mm

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Paper Bag Handle options:

we use high qulatiy premium paper bag handle rope from various part of the world. we also use ready made and customized handle ribbons based on customer requirements.

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Paper Bag Printing Colors & finishing Options:

we use state of the art quality paper bag printing machinery, cutting edge bag production equipments and production line quality binding and gluing machinery such as

  • Multi colours printing machinery with online OPV
  • silk screen printing production line
  • sublimation and heat press transfer
  • Multi colors printed paper bags
  • Laminated paper bags
  • final finishing embossing, debossing, hot stamping, spot UV, water based varnish and OPV
  • binding and pasting line

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Paper bag printng material descriptions

we gathered wide range of paper material collections from various paper supplier from different part of the world to give affordable paper bag production in UAE such as:

Uses of Plastic Bag in UAE market

Plastic bag or poly bag, is a type of vessel, bottle, pouch made of thin, flexible, plastic film with plastic textile raw material. Plastic bags widely been used for containing and transporting goods such as foods, garments, cosmetics, powders, ice, grocery items, magazines, chemicals, and waste carry and loading purpose. Most plastic bags are heat sealed at the seams, while some are bonded with adhesives or hot stitch. Many countries are promoting no plastic concept to reduce pollutions so using light weight thin plastic bags to break down easily and bio degrade in the soil

Paper carry Bag Plastic carry Bag Printing Process

To make a paper bag we use a range of different printing methods depending on the anticipated design lay out, accuracy of print, and final finishing to get high quality products. By having different printing methods, technique, ideas and machines, we are able to offer the highest quality custom paper bags to our customers in UAE market at lower price. Here is the process we outlined how they done in our factory:

Process # 1: Litho Print

Lithographic and offset printing, or litho printing for short, is where the image of the content you want to produce is placed on a plate which is then covered in ink and used for printing through blanket and damper. This method is old and traditional print technique, as the inks must be mixed correctly and placed in the right order or proper output

Process no # 2: Flexo Print

Flexography is a modern version of letterpress printing for paper bag fast, cheaper and quality and can be used on most materials. For this method of printing, flexible photopolymer printing plates with ink on are wrapped around rotating cylinders on a web press similar to offset and it easy and much cost-effective process for bag printing

Process no # 3: silk screen process

Screen printing is one of the most popular printing techniques which is very old and traditional printing for object, clothing, plastic and readymade paper bag as well. In short silk-screen printing technique, a printing frame is shaped from negative film. And exposed to mesh screen and ink transferred through mesh and printed

Process no # 4: digital print

We use digital printing process to get smaller bag production, urgent bag printing even small order. we provide urgent bag printing within couple of hours throuh our digital print process. using digital print system to make demo, sampling and proofing as well.

Process no # 5: foil prnt

Foil printing is a speciality method of printing which uses heat, pressure, and metallic film to form shiny designs and graphics which make a focus point on the chosen design and get luxury output for paper bag printing. The foil has a heated die applied to it, which makes it permanently stick to the paper bag material with or without lamination.

Final process of paper bag finishing

Our state of the art quality binding machinery, well trained and experienced paper bag binding and pasting team provide high qualty sustainable paper bag production with superior quality finishing and delivery in all the way from print to finish and delivery.


For Luxury and bespoke printed paper bags, we use a diversity of procedures to get better price, quality and faster delivery. Paper bag printing commonly printed by offset printing is common as we have more time to perfect the set up and the design and speeder production. Luxury paper bag has folded handle and twisted handle bags, other premium ribbon handle too. Luxury paper bag can be printed with our lithography or flexography as the Kraft material lends itself well to these methods.


High quality premium aper bag print production and manufacturing unit now industrial area 17, Sharjah. Where you get premium paper bags with best price, high quality printing and finest quality finishing. Our premium paper bags be used many business and sales outlets. regardless in which fashion industry you are in premium printed paper bags is best choice for your business promotion in dubai. we serve all over, Dubai, Abudhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah, UAE and Middle east like oman, KSA, Qatar and Bahrain & african countries.


Our Kraft paper bag production unit Having over 25000 sqr feet production area with healthy kraft bag production line well equipped printing and pasting machine, professional binding team, well trained and qualified kraft bag production crew, quality check professional, state of the art quality kraft paper import form industrial leaders around the globe with cutting edge technology of kraft paper pulp making which reliable, cheap price and on time delivery for your next order in UAE


Cotton Bag is the leading re-usable carry bag in Dubai, UAE. We provide cotton bags with printing and we are a renowned wholesale cotton bag supplier in the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, KSA, Kuwait & Africa. In our cotton bag making business over 10 years’ experience our aim is to be the wholesale cotton bags supplier in UAE. We supply cotton bags in various design, styles of bags including the lightweight 5oz bags to the slightly heavier 8oz-12oz bags too.


Non-Woven Bags Printing, production and supply with us in UAE is provide the best quality in best price and offer non-woven bag delivery with eco-friendly material in dubai. Our quality non-woven bags are Lowest price Genuine products of Non-Woven Bags raw material which is one of the best and every green eco-friendly packaging system we offer in UAE since two decades.we too manufacturer Non woven abaya cover, suit bag, dust dover, string bag, sports bag, graments bag, clothing bag, school bag and gym bag etc...


Tote Bag printing, we provide eco-friendly packaging solutions for companies and end-users. We are a champion to support with sustainable tote bag production in order to make sustainable planet by having eco-friendly packaging system for you in UAE. Our well designed and printed tote bags are ideal alternatives to wasteful disposable shopping bags made from plastic and avoid poly carry case. Our tote bag gradually reduce use of plastic ocver and we make tote bag with organic tote material to offer best rate, quality and delivery in dubai.


Canvas Bag which is a leading and trendy packaging and carry bag choice in UAE market with high quality printing and finishing. We are UAE largest canvas bag manufacturer of ethically sourced and produced canvas bags in the Ajman, Sharjah, Dubai, Abudhabi, Al Ain. We believe in packaging system in UAE, which ethical alternatives should be available to everyone, everywhere, and at affordable prices. In a rush? We offer a range of canvas bags in different styles, design and colours to get make best promotional tool in your bag printing and packaging zone.


Landscape paper bag or carry bag in any material is one of the best carry bags for all business and sales centre, shops to use to transport goods and products. Our landscape bags made by high quality of raw material like paper, kraft wood pulp, waste pulp, recycled waste paper, woven, jute, canvas etc…. we customize land scape bags and portrait bag for various business purpose with multi colors printing and finishing in UAE. Our land scape bags widely used in cosmetic industry, garments, grocery, fashion industry and shopping centre etc…


Jute Bag is highly durable material that is 100% recyclable and the bag of course re-usable too. Jute bag versatility also makes it perfect for use as both a reusable and disposable bag that doesn’t harm the planet by giving eco-friendly bag printing system in UAE. Firmly woven and carefully sewn jute fibres allow us to make superior quality of Jute bags to stand freely even when empty making them easier to pack and unpack for business needs in dubai. Our jute bags are a great alternative shopping bag that helps to keep our planet safer and reliable.

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